Baldwin Compliance Group is dedicated to providing simple solutions to today’s environmental and regulatory challenges while pursuing the full development of all available grant funding and compliance assistance.

The complexity of CARB’s Off Road diesel engine regulations can prove a daunting distraction from the everyday responsibilities of your core business, not to mention an ever present threat of invasive inspections and crippling fines.


We will make sure your fleet (both on and off road) is on the correct path to compliance and that you get all the advantages, credits and exemptions that are hidden deep in the regulatory language.

We’ll make sure that your choices to re-categorize, retire, replace, re-power or retrofit are the most cost effective decisions to achieve compliance.

There is grant funding available right now but you have to apply soon before the opportunity expires.
We have a ten year track record of practical grant funding application delivery and have successfully gained millions of dollars in CARB originated funding for our clients.

Our services include:

  • Full regulation explanation and compliance direction to avoid exposure to violation
  • Maximization of all available credits that will reduce your overall expense
  • Exchange of credits from Off Road to On Road or vice versa if advantageous
  • Complete utilization of any and all pertinent exemptions and extensions
  • Comprehensive review of labeling process to see that recent changes are in order
  • Review of idling practices and required documentation to eliminate possible infraction fines
  • We can organize VDECS installation at your locations to minimize downtime

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